Sociology at the Intersection of Schools, Families, and Communities



As a researcher and as a laborer I am drawn to the nonprofit sector because of the promise and pitfalls that it contains for the creation of a more just and equal world. A combination of capitalism and socialism, I believe that the insights of sociology can be usefully applied to better understand the consequences of relying on this sector for public goods and services. Currently, I study what families and communities do when confronted with the need to provide after school care to elementary school children. In this way, I investigate how partnerships with community organizations can promote the educational and healthy development of children and youth, and what obstacles they may face in doing so. I focus on how (and if) nonprofit community organizations can support connections between schools and families, create healthier communities, and influence social life with attention to race/ethnicity and immigrant status.

I am currently on the market for an assistant professor or post doc position that will help me to further develop theories on the social impact of community organizations.