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About Dr. Robert Ressler

I am a sociologist who is interested in the ways that community organizations can help to overcome inequality. I focus on families and schools and the successful development of all children, but especially those from contexts where some families need to make out-sized gains in order to close opportunity gaps along racial/ethnic or class lines. Inspired by the work of nonprofit organizations, and informed by theories on education, the family, and race/ethnicity, my research explores the potential for community organizations to help families form the kinds of positive relationships in their communities and schools that improve educational outcomes, the well-being of community members, and reduce inequality. I also pursue projects that delve more deeply into organizations within the nonprofit sector, including textual analysis of Form 990 data. Throughout my research design, I leverage the sociological imagination to inform practices, policies, and the public regarding the services and opportunities individuals, especially Latinx children, need for success.

I am currently on the market for opportunities that will help me to continue working with large amounts of data, pursue funding for my research, and develop my teaching skills.

I’m also on research gate: Robert Ressler!